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by Kore at 7:51 PM
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Mumble aka Datacenter Issues & the fix.

First I would like to apologize for the network interruptions "Some" of our members are having, because this is not seen by all. Let me...
by Banana Bagel at 7:32 AM
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Rabble, rabble, raffle.
With the recent implementation of Win Everyday's website v3 being so far a roaring success, and in celebration of our applaudable and...
by Kore at 3:06 AM
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Hey all, just posting a short update with some interesting links for Star Citizen.

by Banana Bagel at 8:35 AM
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Our community has been growing steadily since its inception in 2012, and the few wizards behind the curtain are seeing quite a bit more on their plate today than ever before. The Win Everyday...
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Below is the winner of the Steam Raffle!

Congrats Executioner!

You are the winner of the game: Payday 2! You will now receive a PM and [WE] Community management will be in touch with your prize!...
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This is a quick announcement to let people know that a raffle has been setup. Thank you to Jigaboo for donating this game to be used in the raffle!

Please visit this link:...
by Kore at 10:22 PM
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Website Changes as of July 20th 2014
Below I will go into detail on some of the new changes that the website now has for you all to enjoy! Please remember these...