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by Kore at 7:02 AM
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Christmas 2014 is here!

Another year has come and gone yet again, WE community has had its ups and downs over the past year, but we have always managed to stick together!...
by Kore at 7:47 AM
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Ok, so I did a small update which will help some people maybe might annoy others who cares bwawhahwahwa.

Community Website Patch Notes
  • RSS Feeds!
    Each section (Including HotS) has...
by Zalok at 11:06 AM
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Alright Ladies & gentlemen here is an update of our guild, Three weeks have passed when I came back to Mortal, And I remember us only having around six people in the guild who were active at the...
by TripleJigaboo at 10:56 AM
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11/14 will go down in Mortal Online History as Good Friday.
First RPK tells some fag guild called "Hells Angels" to get off our land.
Fag Angels were trying to build a TC palisade keep around our...
by LittlePony at 11:15 AM
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Would you like to have some friendly in-house competition? If you answered yes then you will have a fun time along your teammates in this event. Pure foot fighting group tournament for our raw flesh...
by Kore at 6:42 PM
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Update on some small website changes!

As some of you are now most likely noticing the forums are now set to Private for specific members who are apart of a chapter. If you are...
by Kore at 2:42 AM
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Our host will be taking down mumble server for a short period of time.

by Banana Bagel at 2:27 PM
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Just yesterday ArcheAge got out of headstart and was released with its free-to-play model. This is what it looks like:

(Not pictured: Already being in queue for 2 hours so far)