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by Zalok at 11:06 AM
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Alright Ladies & gentlemen here is an update of our guild, Three weeks have passed when I came back to Mortal, And I remember us only having around six people in the guild who were active at the...
by TripleJigaboo at 10:56 AM
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11/14 will go down in Mortal Online History as Good Friday.
First RPK tells some fag guild called "Hells Angels" to get off our land.
Fag Angels were trying to build a TC palisade keep around our...
by LittlePony at 11:15 AM
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Would you like to have some friendly in-house competition? If you answered yes then you will have a fun time along your teammates in this event. Pure foot fighting group tournament for our raw flesh...
by Kore at 6:42 PM
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Update on some small website changes!

As some of you are now most likely noticing the forums are now set to Private for specific members who are apart of a chapter. If you are...
by Kore at 2:42 AM
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Our host will be taking down mumble server for a short period of time.

by Banana Bagel at 2:27 PM
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Just yesterday ArcheAge got out of headstart and was released with its free-to-play model. This is what it looks like:

(Not pictured: Already being in queue for 2 hours so far)
by Banana Bagel at 2:08 PM
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At the end of July, we opened up applications for our Council position. On the final day of August, the...
by Kore at 4:44 PM
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#Winners - Win Everyday's 2nd raffle!
Congrats to all the winners of the second raffle, below are a list of the winners names for those who might not of seen...